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Where We Stand On Wall Street

Invested in over 250 companies listed on the public market. Our team of investors are hunting 24/7 for the next big thing.

Bringing in over one million dollars since 2020, we take pride in our hard and consistent work. 

Trade Under Us


Our Signature 'Trade Rooms'

Becoming a member of one of our Trade Rooms is an exclusive honor.

Each Trade Room consists of 12 money-hungry investors that get to connect and discuss how to succeed in the different markets. 

We are currently accepting applications to become a member.


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Scroll down for common Questions and Answers regarding our Trade Rooms.

Questions and Answers Regarding our Trade Rooms

What Perks Do Members Get?

We offer a plethora of resources to our members. All requests for assistance may be made to our Concierge Team tailored for those who trade under us. We also provide privileged information to guarantee success for our traders. Rest assured, we'll take care of you.

What Exactly Is A Trade Room?

A Trade Room is a virtual trading floor. You will be placed in a calculated group with eleven other motivated investors for you to connect and trade with. You will collaborate with your team and we will offer any resources deemed necessary for your success.

If you have any additional questions before filling out an application. Contact us via email.

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