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Our Current Work

We are incredibly proud of our work. 

Currently invested in three different markets:

Stock Exchange

Real Estate


We have three different teams managing each of the markets we are involved in to deliver the most quality return.

Our associates hard work and smart thinking is what will drive our firm to the top. Every associate at Hamideh Holdings Inc is prepped for success

through our intensive training and represents this firm with respect and gratitude. 

Scroll down for the breakdown of our investments.

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Our Portfolio

Stock Exchange

-NYSE Public Companies-

Real Estate

-Residential & Commercial-


-Big & Small Businesses-


Stock Exchange:

Watching the market 24/7 waiting for the next big thing. We have a team of a dozen personal investors that invest on behalf of Hamideh Holdings Inc. Never afraid to get our hands dirty, we're invested in plenty of different crypto currencies and penny stocks. Although, we're never going to shy away from the blue chips and Fortune 500's. Highly ambitious on Wall Street, our goal will always be to play fair and win big. Our trademarked 'Trade Room' allows us to give all investors the opportunity to succeed. For more information on our Trade Room's, click here.


Real Estate:

We buy homes nationwide and in any condition. Whether you have a fixer-upper in a tough neighborhood needing 100K +++ rehab, or a turn-key home in Beverly Hills occupying paying tenants, we will buy it. Also expanding into commercial properties, we have been doing very well. Looking to pick up record breaking number of properties for Q4 of this year. With over 30 experienced real estate associates that work with sellers from all walks of life. If you are looking to sell your property, click here to utilize one of our simple property submission pages.



"Our pride lies in our partners." That is a quote we live by with our partnered businesses. Invested in over 30 businesses in all industries. From banks to tech to garbage removal companies, our portfolio includes an company that has potential to make it. Of course, we do our best to make certain our partners make it big. Our CEO consistently checks in with our partners and offers them any thing they need. We can offer capital, marketing, or management. If you have a business and would like to partner with our firm. Directly email:

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